CB-NCP Follow Up after Training in Morang District

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The project titled “Technical Support for Conducting IYCF Training” was carried out in the Morang district, with the IMCI Section of the Child Health Division, DoHS, as the client. The lead firm, along with an associate firm, provided services valued at Rs. 8,60,000.00 (excluding VAT), funded by the Government of Nepal. The consultancy assignment took place during FY 2067/068, commencing on February 13, 2068, and concluding on March 25, 2068.

The primary focus of the project was to provide technical support to the District Health Office in Morang for various activities related to Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF). These activities included conducting a four-day District Planning meeting, an 18-day field visit, four days of data analysis, and a one-day debriefing meeting. The firm was also responsible for efficiently managing logistics for these activities.

The services provided by the firm included conducting one batch of the District Planning meeting, conducting the field visit, analyzing data, and facilitating the debriefing meeting. The firm demonstrated effective and efficient logistics management throughout the project duration.