Community level CB-IMCI Training in Taplejung, Manang & Terhathum

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The project titled “Technical Support for Conducting 2nd Phase CBIMCI Community Level Training” was undertaken for the IMCI Section of the Child Health Division, DoHS, and was implemented in Taplejung, Manang, and Terhathum districts. The lead firm, in collaboration with an associate firm, provided services valued at Rs. 17,00,000.00 (excluding VAT), with funding from the Government of Nepal. The consultancy assignment took place during FY 2066/067, starting on December 16, 2066, and concluding on March 20, 2067.

The project’s primary objective was to offer technical support to the District Health Office in organizing various training activities, including District Planning and DDC Orientation, FCHV follow-up Training, and Traditional Healers Orientation. The firm also played a crucial role in effectively managing logistics for these training sessions.

Specifically, the services provided by the firm included conducting three batches of District Planning & DDC Orientation, conducting an impressive 95 batches of follow-up FCHV training, and organizing 19 batches of Traditional Healer’s orientation. Additionally, the firm demonstrated efficient logistics management throughout the project duration, ensuring the successful execution of the training activities.