Expansion of Zinc Program in Parsa District

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The project titled “Technical Support for Conducting Zinc Training” was conducted on behalf of UNICEF in the Parsa district. The lead firm was responsible for providing services valued at Rs. 19,21,967.00, with funding from UNICEF. The consultancy assignment occurred during FY 2066/067, commencing on November 24, 2009, and concluding on April 27, 2010.

The primary goal of the project was to offer technical support to the District Health Office in Parsa for various training activities, including a District Planning meeting, health worker training, VHW/MCHW Training, FCHV Training, Mother’s Group Meetings, logistics management for training, and the installation of hoarding boards.

The services provided by the firm included conducting one batch of the District Planning meeting, training 140 health workers, including MOs, HA, SN, AHW, and ANM, on Zinc. Additionally, 80 VHWs and 84 MCHWs were trained on Zinc, and 82 batches of FCHV training were completed, benefiting 738 FCHVs. Furthermore, 468 Mother’s Group Meetings were organized and oriented. The firm efficiently managed logistics throughout the project and also installed hoarding boards at various locations in Parsa.