Targeted Supplementary Feeding Programme for Grokha, Dolakha and Sindhupalchowk district Second phase

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The project titled “Targeted Supplementary Feeding Programme” was implemented in Grokha, Dolakha, and Sindhupalchowk districts with the World Food Programme (WFP), Nepal Country Office, as the client. The lead firm provided services valued at Rs. 2,791,6835.00, funded by WFP Nepal. The consultancy assignment spanned two fiscal years, FY 2073/074 and FY 2074/075, commencing in March 2017 and concluding in December 2017.

The primary goal of the project was to provide technical support to the District Health Offices (DHOs) in Grokha, Dolakha, and Sindhupalchowk for the implementation of a Targeted Supplementary Feeding Programme. The scope of activities included conducting nutrition program orientation for DHO and staff, orientation for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), District Training of Trainers (DTOT), health worker (HW) level training and review meetings, Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) level training and review meetings, support for establishing WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) corners at health facilities, coordination with the WASH cluster for regular drinking water supply and building toilets at health facilities with OTP (Outpatient Therapeutic Program) and TSF (Targeted Supplementary Feeding), counseling sessions for mothers’ groups, lactating and pregnant women, management of Moderate Acute Malnutrition (MAM) and Pregnant and Lactating Women (PLW) cases, program monitoring at health facility and community levels, supply and sub-district level transportation, re-nutrition assessment of children aged 6-59 months after two months, media mobilization, establishment of MAM Centers, formation of VDCs (Village Development Committees) Level Food Security Committees, and conducting a program review at the district level.

The lead firm successfully executed these activities, facilitating coordination, monitoring, and support for the Targeted Supplementary Feeding Programme in the specified districts, in collaboration with the WFP and other stakeholders.